Thinking Bigger – The Plan!

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Hi everybody! We have received some really great feedback about the show, the content, and are even being courted by a few theaters to feature conversations with their artists. Thank you all so very much for your support!

To the plan!

One of the things we want to do, and are already starting to do, is developing more content at a faster pace. Having had such a wonderful reception with our first episode, it’s clear that our listeners want more and we need to do more. So we are pushing pretty hard to get you episodes quickly. With only a single podcast under our belts, releasing content at a faster pace is challenging to say the least; a challenge we accept gladly.

That said, we are going to need help. I’d like to do introduce the Contributing Editor model. I use the term “model” because it sounds fancy. The idea is fairly simple and isn’t particularly revolutionary or anything. It’s for people like us who want to talk about theatre and share stories on topics in line with our mission.

From the start, I wanted to create a platform where artists could all speak and be part of the show on a regular basis. This is where the Contributing Editor comes into play.

CE’s have access to our future topics and are invited to help craft each conversation and bring important ideas to the forefront. And we can take it a step further. As a CE, if you have an idea that your particularly passionate about, whether it’s one of ours or one of your own, you could possibly even take the lead on it and go for it. It’s essentially a team. We’d all set up the conversations, put our heads together, and then do it! And then once it’s all recorded, you could even be on the show with us!

Pretty cool, right? The reasoning behind this is that are so so many things to talk about and it’s extremely difficult for one or two people to cover them all while they’re happening. So that’s where our potential CE’s come into the picture. The help extend our reach and creating more content.

If you are interested in applying and helping us create and publish new content, send us an email at and get involved! Just put “Contributing Editor” in the subject line and tell us about yourself. We’re always on the look out for good work and good people to make this podcast as good as we can make it. If you have a skill or talent that might not be directly related to the content but think we could benefit from having it in our corner, let us know!

And as always, thank you!


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