Episode 3 Preview

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Hello theatre people! In episode 3, “Old Works, Different Takes, and New Lives”, we will be exploring why we choose to re-tell, re-envision, or re-invent certain stories and what makes them worth the reboot.

It’s an all too familiar phenomenon in films where they’re often literally re-made. But it’s different in theatre, and how it’s different is pretty interesting.

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The Out-of-Towners and Hiring Locally

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It’s no surprise that there are a lot of big decisions that theatre companies have to make to sell tickets and build prestige. But is hiring from out of town really necessary? What is gained? What is lost?

We’re looking for your stories and thoughts on the subject for an upcoming episode. Actors, producers, designers, directors, crew, and audience members, please chime in on this subject. How have hiring decisions affected your experience? Continue reading