OS X Tips – Spotlight

Whether you are a power-user or a beginner, there are some really handy little things you can use to make your life easier on your mac. Here’s some of the best short-cuts and tips for using the increasingly powerful Spotlight tool.

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When you find a parent on Wikipedia…

It’s about 1:30am on a Sunday night… or Monday morning. It’s been a busy day. Household stuff in the AM, some video games to grease the mind-gears, followed by some “life maintenance” as I like to call it, tape a few auditions, upload, send, go play soccer on the National Mall with friends, head to the bar to learn some practical ASL with Dog & Pony (totally worth doing by the way), come home and find out I uploaded the wrong files, fix the fuck-up, have some tea, and poke around the internet a bit. For as much as that was a run-on sentence, it was a run-on kind of day. Minutes and hours blend together, tasks and commutes in total disagreement, but you keep going. Nothing terribly surprising about that.

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Episode 3 – Old Works, Different Takes, and New Lives

Lights Up: The DC Theatre Podcast Logo

You may remember the previous post about this topic (Episode 3 Preview) or you might not.

In episode 3, “Old Works, Different Takes, and New Lives”, I set out to explore why we choose to re-tell, re-envision, or re-invent certain stories and what makes them worth the reboot. It’s an all too familiar phenomenon in films where they’re often literally re-made. But it’s different in theatre, and how it’s different is pretty interesting.

But things didn’t exactly play out as I planned.

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Oh El Capitan, my El Capitan

OSX El Capitan Hero Image

Seems a bit blasphemous to make such a reference in relation to something that will be out-dated in almost exactly one year. Well, maybe not out-dated but there will likely be a new iteration for sure. All cynicism aside, for most people, it’s an upgrade worth getting. I’ve included some of the little bits that have tickled my fancy.

Just this morning I was using Yosemite and everything was fine. I’d gotten to understand its idiosyncrasies, it’s little gimmicks and tricks, and of course its short-comings, which to be fair, are far fewer in my opinion than some people claim. And then, about 25 minutes went by and El Capitan had punched its way onto my hard drive, destroying any reservations I had about upgrading to Apple’s latest operating system. Continue reading